Be Accountable and Lead By Example

Leadership is earned by holding ourselves to a higher standard than anyone else ever could, and by being accountable for our actions. Take the high road, own your responsibilities, understand the KMM Vision, and live ‘We Lead’. It is critical to our success as individuals, and as a company.

Choose Positive

Those that have learned to consciously choose how they handle the challenges that we all encounter, have taken a huge step toward living the mantra of “We Lead”, and also living a happier life. Challenge yourself to choose positive over negative, your leadership skills, and those around you will flourish if you do.

Act With Integrity

Acting with a high degree of integrity in a challenging situation can be a very difficult path to take, but there is nothing that measures the character of a person, or a company, better. We build trust, and send a strong message of our style of leadership through the actions driven by our sense of integrity. If ‘We Lead’ then we must act with integrity at all times, regardless of the circumstance.

Earn Respect

Respect is earned through our actions, not our words. Treat your coworkers as you would like to be treated. Treat the equipment and the facility as if it is your own. Treat our customers as you would treat your family. Our relationships with our clients, with the company, and with each other can only grow stronger when we lead with respect.

Focus Intently On The Work-At-Hand

All of the work we perform at KMM requires our undivided attention to achieve excellence. Small missteps that occur early in a process can often surface as big problems down the line. Keep distractions to a minimum, and keep your focus sharp – excellence can only be achieved when you do.