About Us


We Lead

this is a simple and concise statement, yet it is extremely powerful. It draws on not only where we came from but sets the course of the company that we want to be. It states that we are progressive and proactive - if you work with us, you are working with one of the best. There is a connotation of innovation and of boldness. Not being afraid to “Take the Leap” out of our comfort zone, but being smart about it. “We Lead” messages to every single employee that they are expected to be a leader – whether they are in a position to have people reporting to them, or not. We are building a team of leaders, and they have every opportunity to lead – they are expected to lead - and control their own destiny. Leading could be taking the initiative to find a new, and better way to process a job. Leading could be a manager setting an example through their actions for others in the company. Leading could be looking to the future and exploring pathways that will assure the company’s success and longevity. Leading can be setting an example for other companies in the industry on how to grow a workforce, how to treat employees, how to be successful in an ever-changing world…..how to act not only as a successful business financially, but to successfully integrate with community, and industry to make our world better.

“We Lead” is a catalyst. It connects the “whys” of our Core Values with the “hows” of our actions, and behaviors. We call this intersection our Fundamentals, and it defines who we are as individuals, and as a company.

Inspire Passion

“Love what you do, and you will never work a day in your life”. Look deeper and find the meaning and passion in the work that we perform every day. Each day is an opportunity to save lives, advance society, keep our country safe, and impact those around us in some positive way. We inspire others, and become leaders, through the passion that we find in our work, our industry, and our lives.

Seek to Understand

one’s perception is their reality. Removing roadblocks and resolving an impasse can only happen if you know the “reality” of the other parties involved. Ask questions, be a great listener, and try to put yourself in their shoes to gain a deeper understanding of the entire situation before presenting your opinion. This opens the door to direct and effective problem solving.

Have Perseverance (Rise to Challenges)

Passion + Perseverance + Innovation = Solution.  Getting to “yes” does not happen by accident. It is most often the result of being Paid to Think, and combining it with passion and a great deal of Perseverance. If we can rise to our challenges as individuals, there is no limit to what we can achieve together.

Earn Respect

we are all on stage at all times. Respect is earned through our actions, not our words. Treat your coworkers as you would like to be treated. Treat the equipment and the facility as if it is your own. Treat our customers as you would treat your family. Our relationships between each other,  with the company, and with our customers can only grow stronger through open communication, and respect.

Show Appreciation

as high-performing individuals, most of us are wired to only register something when it goes wrong. We focus upon, and aim to fix, the parade of issues that can arise at work, and in our lives. Though this focus on continual improvement is extremely important, the incredible power of acknowledging, and showing appreciation when things go right is game changing. This extremely simple, and extraordinarily powerful, act of acknowledging and appreciating hard work and one’s contribution to our company and our culture, can change lives, and vastly impact our company for the better.

Act Boldly and WithConviction

a great leader will make a bold decision, and then stand with conviction when facing their doubters, or critics. Listen, evaluate, and be objective regarding other opinions in your decision making, but know that nothing great ever came from always choosing ‘safe’, and breaking new ground will require inner strength and confidence to stand up to adversity. Believe in yourself, know your subject, and proceed as if success is inevitable. Life is too short to live any other way.

Paid to Think

when all is boiled down to the most basic elements, the goal at every level of an organization is to maximize output, and minimize waste. Sometimes this is about working hard, and fast, but more often it is about being smart…being Paid to Think. Prepare, and plan in order to do things the right the first time, and minimize rework, or to run more machines to increase utilization, and raise the M/L multiplier. Understand the end goal on a project, and come up with a new and innovative way to get there. There are countless ways in which this can be applied to every single person, in every role in the company. It is up to each of us to challenge ourselves to uncover them.

Perform Service for Others

there is often nothing that can make you feel better than performing a random act of kindness for somebody else. These are often simple acts that not only make us feel good about ourselves, but have an exponentially greater impact on the person, or the organization that is the recipient. Putting others needs before our own develops strong bonds within our ‘family’ and our community.

Work Safely

if asked what the most important thing in life is, most people will answer that they first would want to be well, and healthy. Though we may be expert in working with our equipment, it always needs to be paid the highest degree of respect. Avoid distractions, maintain focus and be mentally present when operating a machine. Your well-being, and our company depend upon it.

Move with Urgency

time is our most precious resource. The battle that we fight always seems to be uphill - pricing pressures, changing customer requirements, competition from overseas and automation - all conspire to present constant challenges to our business. We combat these pressures with working smart, and investments in technology, but at the end of the day, the pace at which we make our work happen is often our greatest opportunity, and greatest advantage. Our drive is fueled by our passion for the work, and our knowledge that the success of the company as a whole depends upon each of us as individuals.

Strive for Excellence

there is an important distinction between ‘excellence’ and ‘perfection’. We can make mistakes, or have setbacks, and still achieve a high level of excellence. Excellence is meeting the tolerances with consistency, perfection means to hit the same number every time. By striving for excellence, we effectively adopt, and embrace, the culture of Continuous Improvement, and Lean Manufacturing. Though we cannot attain “perfection, we are always reaching for a higher level. We are not afraid to fail because we know that these experiences often provide opportunities for growth that being ‘perfect’ will not uncover. Perfection is not our goal…excellence is. It is important to know the difference.

Act with Integrity

often, acting with a high degree of integrity can be a very difficult path to take, but there is nothing else that measures the quality of a person, or a company, better. Regardless of the circumstances, we build trust, and send a strong message of our style of leadership through the actions driven by our sense of integrity. If ‘We Lead’ then we must act with integrity at all times, not just when things are going our way.

Support Each Other

we move together into the future as a team. We are a family, and one of our greatest responsibilities is to support one another. Sometimes the challenges that we all face can distract us from seeing that someone is in need. Speak up. Ask for help, and count on the company, and each other, to be there when a helping hand is required.

Be Accountable and Lead by Example

leadership, like respect, is earned and does not require a title. It is lived by holding ourselves to a higher standard than anyone else ever could, and by being accountable for our actions. Take the high road, own your responsibilities, understand the KMM Vision, and live ‘We Lead’. It is critical to success as individuals, and as a company.

Embrace Change

there may not be anything more important to ensure the successful long-term future of KMM than for each of us to be highly adaptable as individuals. The faster technology changes, the more exponentially important our adaptability becomes. If we adjust to new situations, challenge the status-quo, and innovate new solutions, we will succeed as individuals, and as a team.

Choose Positive

we are faced every day, by every situation in which we find ourselves, with a choice. How do we react? Positively, or negatively? Understanding the simple fact that nobody makes us angry, and no circumstance makes us upset, but that we choose to be angry, and we choose to be upset is a huge step in becoming a great leader, and in living a happier life. Choose positive over negative, your leadership skills, and those around you will flourish if you do.

Make it Fun

even those that are most passionate about their work need to find the time to laugh a bit. We are highly professional, and have a standard or workmanship that is second to none, but often times being able to laugh with each other can allow a change in perspective, and help to recharge the batteries better than anything. Being able to make work fun is a gift that you can give to yourself, and to those around you.

Focus Intently on the Work At-Hand

all of the work that we perform at KMM requires our undivided attention to achieve excellence. Small missteps that occur early in a process can end up being big problems down the line. Keep distractions to a minimum, and keep your focus sharp - excellence can only be achieved when you do.

We Are All in Sales

the responsibility for winning a new order may be largely on “sales”, but whether we are able to retain that client for the long haul sits squarely in the lap of every one of us. Everything we do is ultimately customer-facing, and all of it makes an impression – Do the parts meet the print? Do they look good? Are they packaged professionally?  Do we answer the phone professionally when they call? Is the paperwork that we send correct? How does our facility look and it is organized if they happen to drop by?….the list is endless. The sooner we realize that we all have an important role to play in sales, the sooner we will become the company that we all want KMM to be.